Does your life have balance?
There are 7 dimensions of wellness and finding balance can be… well… a balancing act. To help you find balance, Gundersen Health System has launched Balance Your 7. It's a rich resource of information, ideas, inspiration and actions to help you take charge of all 7 dimensions of wellness-body, community, feelings, mind, relationships, spirit and work. By balancing these seven key areas of wellness, seven days a week, you can achieve a more balanced life.

Ways to balance your 7

How to deal with a workplace bully
When the behavior is unreasonable and offends or harms you, then workplace bullying exists and should not be tolerated.

How to become more assertive
Assertive behavior happens when you stand up for your personal rights in such a way that the rights of others are not violated.

How I found better balance in life
As a health educator, I am reminded on a regular basis about the importance of life balance.
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