Does your life have balance?
There are 7 dimensions of wellness and finding balance can be… well… a balancing act. To help you find balance, Gundersen Health System has launched Balance Your 7. It's a rich resource of information, ideas, inspiration and actions to help you take charge of all 7 dimensions of wellness-body, community, feelings, mind, relationships, spirit and work. By balancing these seven key areas of wellness, seven days a week, you can achieve a more balanced life.

Ways to balance your 7

Don't let allergies spoil your spring
Spring has sprung, so that means green grass, blooming flowers and all the sniffles, sneezes, stuffy noses, coughing and itchy eyes that go along with seasonal allergies.

Be well, go green
Wondering what you can do to help the environment? Even the smallest things can make a difference. Here are some tips to help preserve the environment for your family and community.

10 ways to reduce your refrigerator's energy use
Refrigerators and electric ranges are two of the largest power-consuming appliances in homes. Even if you own an energy-efficient refrigerator, there may still be better ways to run it -- at home and at work.
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