Does your life have balance?
There are 7 dimensions of wellness and finding balance can be… well… a balancing act. To help you find balance, Gundersen Health System has launched Balance Your 7. It's a rich resource of information, ideas, inspiration and actions to help you take charge of all 7 dimensions of wellness-body, community, feelings, mind, relationships, spirit and work. By balancing these seven key areas of wellness, seven days a week, you can achieve a more balanced life.

Ways to balance your 7

Five healthy habits for you and your family during the Halloween Season
These safety tips are offered by the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center, a program of Gundersen National Child Protection Training Center.

Medicine cabinet cleanup
It is important to schedule a medicine cabinet cleanout every six months to prevent poisonings, abuse, misuse, and to protect the environment.

Make your bedroom really relaxing
Want to retreat to a completely relaxing space? Here are some tips that may help.
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