Does your life have balance?
There are 7 dimensions of wellness and finding balance can be… well… a balancing act. To help you find balance, Gundersen Health System has launched Balance Your 7. It's a rich resource of information, ideas, inspiration and actions to help you take charge of all 7 dimensions of wellness-body, community, feelings, mind, relationships, spirit and work. By balancing these seven key areas of wellness, seven days a week, you can achieve a more balanced life.

Ways to balance your 7

Realistic goals are key in sticking to healthy resolutions
The first step to making healthy changes is to set an achievable goal.

Is it more than the winter blues?
It's common to feel a little sluggish during the shorter days of winter.

Vitamin D - meeting your needs in the wintertime
There has been a lot of information in the media recently related to vitamin D, also referred to the "sunshine vitamin."
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