Does your life have balance?
There are 7 dimensions of wellness and finding balance can be… well… a balancing act. To help you find balance, Gundersen Health System has launched Balance Your 7. It's a rich resource of information, ideas, inspiration and actions to help you take charge of all 7 dimensions of wellness-body, community, feelings, mind, relationships, spirit and work. By balancing these seven key areas of wellness, seven days a week, you can achieve a more balanced life.

Ways to balance your 7

Keep your kitchen bacteria free
Your kitchen can turn into a bacteria breeding ground if you're not careful.

Creative tips for handling difficult relatives
It's normal to have some stressful family interactions. But there are specific things you can do to significantly change how you respond to them.

Develop an attitude of gratitude
The world's religious traditions have long taught us to give thanks. More recently, scientific research has confirmed the benefits of gratitude, which you can think of as any time you feel appreciation, wonder or thankful.
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